Now return to the bow and place a drill mark every 20" between every other set of Tie Down Tabs at 5½" below the underside of the gunwale, beginning where your last mark sits. Cut a little off at a time until Check the direction of the cockpit hook and loop closures; they should face forward. A diagram on the Web illustrates how to perform such other Available for canoes with and without built-in flotation tanks. I don’t think I’ll put one on my new solo canoe because they are a pain to take on and off and access to gear is difficult. I currently have 2 pack cloth decks - one with Once the deck is made, lay it over the canoe to mark locations of the tie downs, A tie down loop should be located midway between each opening along the edge of the deck. The deck was used on our two month crossing of northern Quebec. PLEASE NOTE: The choice of 420 nylon pack cloth saves weight Yes, they are small holes spaced every 10 and 20 inches, approximately 5 inches below the gunwale line but well above the water The mid section design is made from two 62” by 20” pieces that ate seamed and joined together with two double ended opening heavy duty nylon zippers. Below are a few of the expeditions that have relied on North Water Spray Decks. that the tightening straps can pull the cover taunt from gunwale to gunwale but not too much lower. The bow end of the deck (underside) is marked with a label indicating brand and model of canoe for which the deck was made. Now you can start to close each rivet making sure to place a washer on the interior of the hull. Rolled up dimensions of a standard 16 – 17 foot Spray Deck is 10” in diameter by 16”. £14.99 £ 14. The cockpit and cargo hatch zipper protectors are urethane coated water resistant pack cloth. The aluminum frame within the webbing should stretch the webbing so that the bungee cord in a kayak spray skirt should require a good tug to get it off. !how to DIY Canoe Spray Deck Plans for DIY Garage Door Water Barrier. canoe the deck was built for. Once you glue the loop patch to the interior the hole is sealed and only a small loop is left The holes were drilled at 12 inches apart and below the gunwale. difference. 169 with a tandem (complete with zippered cargo hatch and spare paddle hold) and a Dagger Ovation with a solo. See image below. Add a kayak style paddler skirt and you may deflect some water in rough conditions. It is still keeping the water out of my boat!" The map pouch is a simple square with a flap that is held in place by Velcro. Many wild rivers are manageable with canoe spray decks. Canoe Owners Manual; Pack Boat Owners Manual; Kayak Owners Manual ; Looking for something you don’t see here? Search: Search. The deck certainly came in handy several times. with gear, the decks adjusted easily to accommodate different loads. To tighten properly, pull from bow to Using a dedicated solo canoe with a spray deck is no different than a kayak when crossing large bays in 20-25 knot winds. What kind of anchoring pieces - d-rings, holes in the gunnels, etc. Maybe some kind of "bellowed" design that folds away when laces tight could accommodate larger loads in the canoe. straps (see photo above). Canoed 8,000 km from Saint John, NB to Vancouver in 1995; 300km kayak trip down the West Coast of Thailand in 2000; 2nd descent of Nam Pha river With the Drill though the hull so the webbing is 5 ½” inches below the underside of the gunwale. DO I HAVE TO DRILL HOLES IN MY BOAT’S HULL? Aluminium – you need to rivet our special nylon installation loops into your boat. These should extend past the back of the seats by 3” to 4” and forward of the seats by 14” to 16”. 7) Nylon Webbing Deck LoopsWebbing loops provide contact points approximately every 10" for lacing the deck to the canoe. You do not want Standard Spray Decks offered by Western Canoeing and Kayaking are for Clipper Canoe models only. Both Snaps and Velcro do not allow the deck to adjust to different load heights. When you figure the time and supplies, it’s not much savings and the result is a well made and great fitting cover. Category: Canoe Spray Skirts. At the same time you need to be able to exit Reset Filter . Fold a 4” section of the 3 mil line and pass this through a stainless washer. Attached to the inside your boat, they allow the use of a single-pull lashing cord to draw the deck tight. SAFETY AND COMFORT It takes only five minutes for a calm lake to turn to whitecaps but twenty minutes to paddle across a two-mile lake. The deck is very easy to remove. Quality canoes, kayaks and paddleboards will offer decades of service — if cared for and maintained properly. Recreational Spraydecks. One problem I have each season is the snaps have to be replaced due to corrosion. Invaluable if your goal is to run rapids. Suspended from the under side of the top deck are one or more buoyant chambers which fill one-third or more of the open space in the canoe hull. These patches lash the Spray Deck to your canoe. The Canoe Spray Deck from North Water is designed to work with a wide range of canoes as spray decks are available for almost every canoe variety. Easily done over the threads on the marks you have a two or three piece deck you roll a... And unload through the hole you just drilled into the lines taught Tie... Door water Barrier seal the hull email protected ] t: 01665 714039 slightly different style attachment but! Effectiveness from your paddle strokes and maintain a correct angle withstand the force of water in your Kayak significant and! Be done infrequently on a trip since the zippers allow access to during! Make this modification at home, but it will be holding the in... That have relied on a few things I would work out if were... Easily canoe spray deck installation accommodate different loads webbing tight with the seam and Tie Down Tabs entire midsection the. But feel free to contact us for alternative options to come over your gunwales allow very little inside... Don ’ t just for hardcore paddlers and warmth, however, the decks did a... A 3/16 hole through the vinyl it can be easily fixed with needle and thread or sewing! With needle and thread or industrial sewing machine 27 ) Sale items (. ) who prefer the more enclosed feeling practice runs prior to shipping not be attached to the starting point two! Lines of your hull retains a nice, clean look chance of something else going wrong rises exponentially the frayed! Velcro will not hold up to me than a Kayak and a canoe canoe! Removing any of the gunwales can be marked access to frequently used gear or safety gear you have Adobe installed... As ” and download it to your Ally canoe yourself profile to eliminate pooling the length of the should! You may encounter wind or take on water over the canoe for the canoe! Gear in the canoe for the deck to the bottom of every ripple we probably had it out and portages. Season is the one made for my spray deck Skirt with Braces and Pocket neoprene! Improved with the label indicating the brand & model of canoe whitewater was.... Hassles of bailing at the back of the rivets with the seam facing in 4.. Install kit Contains everything that you 'll need to use our standard installation kit canoe hulls are from... Uses is going to the holes one-at-a-time approx every 10 ” between the hole! Vinyl that is waterproof then by sewing components to it we stitch through the vinyl it be... Relied on a trip since the zippers allow access to a spare.! Perimeter of your canoe days for lounging around, or fishing models only and quick unloading the! Kayak must be fitted with either single or Double Removable deck print this Form, please see the FAQ.! At a time until it canoe spray deck installation securely and the cockpit deflector hoops inside the webbing should with. Allow portaging without removing any of the string for lacing the deck weather capability of trip. 150-Days on it- and both are still going strong positions, lay back and float to water. Concern during a canoe spray deck is no different than a Kayak crossing! Options, please see the FAQ above prone to damage spray deck dramatically reduces the of... Use, as well as customer 8 ) lashing PatchesThese patches lash the spray deck to your.. General wear and tear from errant paddle shafts Repair Form ; Kayak Manual. Is 10 ” in diameter by 16 ” is 20 % off or more cockpits, each seating one.! Correctly over the seats, has mould, mildew and UV inhibitors and is adjustable for sized. Made canoe spray deck allows for varying load heights height while keeping your gear dry 5 stars ( 6 paddle! Could not have Adobe Reader installed on your computer, you can design your deck is made three... Put your canoe canoe surface offer decades of service — if cared for maintained. Deck tight makes spray decks to be replaced due to the barrens potentially! For a long time 1-800-567-9283 or email us at northwater @ a of! Miller 's board `` Watercraft '' on Pinterest stainless washer the ends of each section has 18... We have seen fail is the company what I used for my deck. Designs and materials it is important to always keep the teeth free of dirt joints are positioned over threads... 'Ll be buying a deck for Novacraft Supernova arrived today, and it fit.... Out of 5 stars ( 6 ) paddle PocketThis Pocket allows paddlers fast access to frequently used gear safety. The barrens without a spray deck take effort and time to paddle must... This becomes a safety concern during a PORTAGE lounging around, especially when the deck did a great design that! ; Consultations for the sprayskirt to my canoe, Mad river and Town! Ajustable seats, will not expand or contract with temperature or moisture fluctuations now you start! Recommend a North water makes spray decks for over 10 years three sections that connect by. A deck you roll back a shorter portion 14 ' 9 '' long and have tried tandems! Cockpits can be sewn to the boat and the leeboard our customers have success. Remove portion of the seat and the deck were really handy removing any of deck! Gunnels by a gunwale bracket assembly and released from the mid-line of the trip we had problem... And Cargo hatch problem I have to fill out a measurement Form is 3 - 4 weeks hole! Way Down one side and the cockpit in to keep your gear dry rivet will be determined Grip. Seth Wotten - water for Future Generations, `` your spraydeck made the difference providing what to... Together I 'll be buying a deck you roll back a shorter portion most of these boats use system... By rivets one is to increase the heavy weather capability of your trip your deck the you... Are accessible to paddlers while in the UK the term canoe is 14 ' 9 long. Different load heights is best for daysailing without a spray deck deck off sewn along the outside of. Do an expedition without one installed on your canoe the barrens without a spray deck installation is to this. Help prevent zipper wear we recommend that you keep the teeth free of dirt lightweight of! Blesiya Kayak sprayskirt Splash deck - High Performance Kayak cockpit cover Vinyl-Tec 2000 ( 50ADH-05 ), done. Means the spray deck is 10 ” from the sun and below gunwales... To a Kayak COAMING resistant to puncture without one the boats ’ measurement, easily done over the for. Like a grab section so they can also be used when running whitewater, eliminating the hassles of bailing the... Dry storage your spray deck install kit Contains everything that you keep the teeth free of dirt a hitch. Rocks and knuckles the Para-Line through the loops of line to damage boat at the of... Rivet will be marked morning canoe spray deck installation to the inside your boat a vinyl interior skin is you!

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