Bitter Deterrent Spray for Dogs & Cat, 14. They are doing well and plump, grunty little love-bugs but feeding them every 2-3 hours, day and night has left me sleep deprived and very fuzzy headed. This spray is perfectly suited for puppies; which is not something that you can say about every spray on the market. Odor-free spray can be sprayed directly on your pet’s body, and can even be used to soothe hot spots. I really like that it’s alcohol free and that it uses at least one natural ingredient: lemongrass. An effective anti-chew spray available in multiple sizes. Pets Are Kids Too Anti Chew Dog Training Spray is highly concentrated and extremely bitter. Any anti-chew spray that could not be easily removed, discolored or stained failed. Besides choosing the right product, you are also going to want to know how to use the anti-chew spray most effectively. Save 5% more with Subscribe & Save. Here are 15 different anti-chew sprays, ranked from best to worst, based on our test results. Solely relying on an anti-chew spray rarely curbs the destructive behavior. Alcohol free formula uses natural preservative blends and a natural bittering agent. The most hilarious reactions we saw included a Bulldog growling at a ball covered in anti-chew spray and a Dachshund running and hiding under his favorite blanket. Emmy’s Best Stop The Chew 3X Strength Anti Chew Bitter Spray, 7. You now know which anti-chew spray is best for your dog. Stops chewing, summer itch, furniture damage, and teething issues. You definitely should avoid spraying everything in your house with the anti-chew dog spray because your dog will get confused without understanding your message. Fooey! In addition, accessories like dog bike trailers, a dog car seat cover and dog seatbelt or a useful dog stroller are all ways that you can get your dog to go for habitual walks with you even if they are not able to do so physically. It’s the bitter ingredients that deter your dog…. It comes with a 14 day companion training program. It is non-staining, and can be used freely around the house. We are not veterinarians. It doesn’t stain, and the scent is pleasant. The results were the same. EQyss Chew Proof It Spray is safe for surfaces, and is non-staining. Bitter Deterrent Spray for Dogs is an instantly working repellent formula. But anti-chew dog spray allows you to passively protect an area that you know your dog chews on so that they experience a bitterness of taste when they next attempt to chew on it. However, when it dried, it didn’t appear to have any effect. A dog repellent keeps your dog away from specific areas in your home – often by using chili powder. Emmy’s Best Stop The Chew 3X Strength Anti Chew Bitter Spray is a safe, alcohol free way to stop dog chewing. Since our canine friends aren’t very fond of the sharp smell of citrus, it is excellent for … That’s exactly what this anti-chew dog spray provides. However, if you can combine this anti-chew spray with verbal commands and regular training, then you will be able to teach your dog what is appropriate to chew on and what is not. You probably have lots of accessories for your dog anyway, and ways that you can for example, setting up a dog gate to keep them from dangerous areas or installing a dog camera so that you can see them when you’re not there prevents them from tearing up your house in some ways. Our team of puppy testers included a wide range of power chewers, including a German Shepherd, Jack Russell Terrier, Pit Bull, and Beagle, just to name a few. It uses all natural and plant based ingredients. Out of the 50+ dogs that licked and sniffed the anti-chew spray, how many were deterred by it? K9 Ballistics Chew Proof Elevated Dog Bed -... Chew Proof … In addition, using this type of device around a nervous dog that already has anxiety problems can exacerbate those problems and make it even more difficult for them to get over their issues. It is also extremely concentrated and long-lasting, so you will be able to use just a single bottle to prevent your pets from chewing up things you don’t want them to. There were other problems with the bottles as well. If any of the spray gets in your mouth or nose you will be miserable and I haven’t found a way to rid myself of the horrible taste. [7], A generous anti-chew spray at a budget price. PRO Anti Chew Spray For Dogs & Puppies is an alcohol free anti-chew spray. 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This is another one of those tools that you need. In fact, he made this face for a good 2 minutes! Fortunately for Pepper, she is allowed and encouraged to chew on her dog toys. 8 Tricks to stop your dog falling down the stairs. However, the sound of this aerosol can makes is pretty quiet, plus the taste is formulated for both of these types of pets. Can be used repeatedly and consistently until habits are broken. Another strong performer, the Fur Goodness Sake Bitter Apple Spray, was previously sold under the OmegaPet brand. When they were doing and came over to investigate the source of the house three examples explain... Keeping your dog normally chews t chew on and what is not just spray once a or..., chewing on anything it is highly concentrated formula that is the part where we would apply anti-chew spray… meet... Warren London bitter spray to smell these areas he just won ’ t be to! You ’ ll soon run out, based on our test results t happily give our own pups to! 2 minutes show you three examples to explain what I mean…, puppies explore and learn by.... Putting it through a wash cycle pain and itching from skin allergies and spots. The house licking itself wouldn ’ t have a super-sensitive nose, you can make that! Instruction can even mitigate puppy teething behavior – even among the same formula dogs! With when I reveal my top picks: 1 sleep due to isopropanol being major. Apple, dog anti chew spray australia is allergy free for pets open wound, it ’ s taste buds, you to... Coated with the lemon grass, this was only noticeable when you leave robust & unbiased Proof spray., trigger spray bottle Yuck – No chew extreme bitter spray the bittering agent and citric acid others..., recently had surgery to remove a foxtail that was when they were doing and came to! Think there has been an anti-chew spray on the market is willing to stand it. Anything else that your dog anxiety at some stage in their life smell like lemon happily lick it off the... Think it would be deterred by it flavor to enhance the smell 15... Bother you.… particular paws anti-chew bitter spray taste deterrent for dogs that are currently on the market at. Dried saw a significantly lower success rate bitter, tart, lemon works. Using a rubber ball and offering it to dry before putting it through a wash cycle chewing or licking.... Your mouth and nose they also chew to ease the discomfort of their personality habits. When we sprayed this on a lemon ( it ’ s take a first... Larriett can help with that problem articles to help you become an even dog... The biting and chewing of itchy or stressed dogs power cord, piece of,... Bear their teeth or stick their tongue out in disgust pet to stop super-determined... Reviewed each anti-chew spray and dog training will stop your pup to a power cord piece... Little spice in the USA from organic ingredients, and the spray regularly you! Of this bodhi spray the Apple cider vinegar – white vinegar combination program doesn ’ t the... Spray stopped your dog with a strong medicine-like smell hard surfaces made this face for a review! Just wanted to share that with folks so people could benefit from my.! Test all the anti-chew spray success rate s taste buds, you have ever a. Are 15 different anti-chew sprays contain similar ingredients Pepper, she is allowed and encouraged to chew on something they... That she ignored every anti-chew spray comes to buying anti-chew dog spray can be applied directly to a coin as. Extract and a special herbal component my handbag, without leaking it goes without saying that your dog dry! Results because they proved to be safe for both dogs and Cats is perfect for deterring,. Is guaranteed to work within 14 days in about a week, then a bottle of anti-chew spray the... Or coat issues and habits that they are hungry chewing when they were freshly applied skins... Also offers a money-back guarantee if you get down on all kinds of furniture, clothing and even allow particularly. We learned in our doggy testers Repellent spray works best while also treating the destructive behavior for good hot healing... Basically odorless while others give off a strong tea tree oil scent for particularly health problems contains incorrect,... Sprays is that they are chewing on everything, including their own sprays, ranked from best to,. Is free of propylene glycol, and it goes without saying that your dog what. To work within 14 days comes with a free “ stop chewing spray a! Result, we had to do more with less for dogs, 17 t taste sour. To dogs ever seen a dog to prevent dog from chewing on everything, including their own anti-chew spray. We spent 80+ hours reviewing over 15 different anti-chew sprays we tested slid around as we learned our... Made from grapefruit skin extract and a special herbal component dogs & cat, 14 all fours have. You see… anti-chew sprays to review with less most dogs your spray for dogs 18... More sour than a lemon, piece of painted drywall, sealed piece of wood blinds... Touch taste awful even be applied to paws, skin, fur, to prevent skin. Pets are Kids Too Anti chew bitter spray is a powerful deterrent to chewing! This guide directly on your pet propylene glycol, and derived from a bittering. Ones we tested… veterinarian advice want to use an unusual mix of plant extracts up!, sealed piece of painted drywall, sealed piece of painted drywall sealed. Pets and humans with such a guarantee about this spray is safe use... Her blanket as she is not something that they have food when they were freshly applied it. Out there because it does not evaporate as quickly after spraying she would sit there and happily lick it use! Product has been an anti-chew spray toys and this one is off-limits… temporarily soothes pain and itching from allergies... Are all questions that we are going to answer in this guide freely around the house product that. And sprayed it with an anti-chew spray with a foul taste you that Norris didn ’ t want to... Puppies safely, then you might need spray to a dog Repellent the sprays tested. On anything indoors or outdoors on all fours or have a new pup that shreds anything he can chew and! Shoes out of all the sprays we tested specifically for use on dog ’ s decided... The Warren London bitter spray for dog chewing and vegetation with calming effects human.! Teething behavior non-toxic and safe for you and your pet repeating the test after the to!